How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

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Write a Cover Letter for an InternshipFirst impressions are everything when it comes to applying for jobs and internships. Writing a cover letter for an internship is where you can really stand out. While a resume sells your experience and skills, a cover letter is your chance to sell yourself. It is where you have the opportunity to tell a prospective employer why they should select you over all the other candidates. This is especially so with internships, where there is often a lot of competition for very few positions. Knowing how to write a cover letter for an internship is essential.

How to Write Cover Letter for Internship Positions:

The first thing to consider when writing a cover letter for an internship is that it is essential to adhere to a strictly formal, professional layout and tone. While you want your cover letter to engage and appeal to the reader, you also want the person reading it to get the impression that you are a polished and professional person. It is often easy, especially for those not used to formal correspondence, to slip into an informal style. The main things to remember here: avoid slang and the use of contractions. Also, proper grammar and spelling are not optional. Misspelling words and poor grammar is not how to write cover letter for internship applications.

The general layout, when writing a cover letter for internship positions, follows a fairly regular format. The letter should contain your own contact information at the top, the date that you wrote the letter, and then be directly addressed to the person who will be receiving them, if this is known. Finding out the name and title of this person is worth the effort. A direct address will appeal far more than “Dear Sir or Madam.”

In the first paragraph of the body, explain the purpose of your letter. This statement should include the name of the internship you are seeking. It is also the place to “name drop”, if you have any mutual contacts that are related to the position. Include your one-sentence pitch too—a summary of what makes you the right person for the internship.

The middle of the letter is where you give your pitch. Your goal is to portray yourself as the ideal candidate for this position, and a good fit for the organization in general. You should research this carefully. Try to find out what you can about that company, and its internal culture and general goals and focus on areas where your expertise fits with these. The same goes for the internship that you are seeking. Examine the job description, and hone I on the areas where you most strongly meet their criteria and expectations. These key areas should be the focus of your sales pitch.

In the last paragraph, thank the person for reviewing your resume and cover letter, and describe how you plan to follow up. Knowing how to write a cover letter for an internship is only part of the process. Even if your resume is well-received, you could lose out by not following up.

Lastly, remember that while sometimes even excellent cover letters will still be rejected, badly-written ones almost always are. Be earnest, sincere, and enthusiastic about the opportunity, and eventually your efforts will be rewarded.

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