How to Write a College Application Essay

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How to Write a College Application EssayNothing frightens people more than writing a college application essay. People try to think in all dimensions on how to start a college application essay. This is because chances of your essay being turned down are high if you happen to make silly mistakes, or beat about the bush. These essays are read by admission officers and some of them are discriminative in a way. Therefore, it is good to train yourself on how to write a college application essay before it is too late!

It is good to adhere to the correct college application essay format. Your essay can actually be turned down if you fail to write in the correct format. Correct format entails the placement of the addresses and cover page formatting. This is actually what an admission officer will look at first. The following are tips on how to write a college application essay:

• Be Concise. This is actually vital when writing a college application essay. In most cases, a college application essay should have a minimum of 250 words. There is no upper limit and thus you can decide on whichever length you want. To be concise enough, a college application essay should not be too long. This is because the admission officer will not have enough time to go through your essay. This is due to big track of essays to read from different applicants. Therefore, make sure that your essay has got a reasonable length that will attract the admission officer and be able to go through the essay.

• Be Honest. Make sure to precisely tell who you are in your essay. Do not exaggerate the information in the essay since it might show a bad picture about you, suppose the truth is found later.

• Be Coherent. Do not mix up ideas in your essay. Make sure that you write one subject at a time instead of including all the information in a single text. It is not necessarily that you cover everything in your essay. Write only those issues that are relevant and leave the rest. Let the whole essay be a series of snapshots concerning you alone.

• Be an Individual.try to make your college application essay unique. Ensure that it is different from any other essay to be submitted to that particular college. To ensure this, you should practice individuality and writing only unique and original content. Write much on what you think and try to have an independent mind. This way, your essay will stand among the many and chances of being considered will be high.

• Be Accurate. Make sure that you concentrate much on good writing. Make sure that your essay is free from grammatical errors. Also adhere to the right college application essay format. Punctuation should be observed as much as possible: use of commas, semi-colons and other full stops.

• Be Vivid. Make sure that your essay can be compared to a story. Make sure that you provide all the details that can entertain the reader. You can include some humor in your essay and make it attractive.

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