How to Address A Cover Letter

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how to address a cover letter without a nameThe cover letter is vital in the job hunt. Some have tried to do away with the cover letter; however, it can go a long way in showing that someone knows proper etiquette in job hunting. Why use the cover letter, how can it be beneficial? Let’s say that someone has had an extended period off from the job force, for whatever reason, a cover letter gives one an opportunity to explain their circumstances and abilities.

A cover letter is personal, it is a letter directed toward the hiring manager. It gives one an opportunity to state their case, why they should be hired. The cover letter may very well be the thing, which makes one stand out from other candidates. When a prospective employer is looking through a stack of resumes and they have questions, the cover letter can provide that.

How to Address a Cover Letter

One needs to make sure that they know how to address a cover letter. A cover letter should always be directed at the hiring manager, or the contact person in the ad one is responding too. Here is an example of a job ad in the paper:

Account Executive
Mrs. Emily Smith
1245 Hollywood Lane
Columbus, Ohio 43123

We can see that Emily is the person, which is taking the lead on hiring for this position. A cover letter should properly be addressed to Mrs. Smith. So many people try to get personal and say, Dear Emily, but on a cover letter it is presumptuous. One is taking the leap from manager to friend. That is how one would address a letter to a close friend and not someone they want to give them a job.

How to Address a Cover Letter without a Name

It is tricky and many do not know how to address a cover letter without a name. There are many employment ads, which have no contact person. The person who is hiring for this position either does not want their name given, or there is no one direct person to speak with. This can become a conundrum for addressing a cover letter. Many just put something generic like, “To Whom It May Concern,” or “Dear Sir”.

Try to find out the name of the hiring manager. You can call the company, if that information is given, to ask who you should address your letter too. It may be possible to ask friend who may know something about the company. If all else fails a letter with no name should simply be addressed however the ad reads. If the ad reads ‘hiring manager” then the letter written should also be addressed to the hiring manager. Companies are looking for someone to stand out in the face of the crowd. With more than 100 applicants per job, there has to be something to make one different from the rest.

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