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High School Graduation SpeechWhen you are given the task of writing a high school graduation speech, you are also given an opportunity.  Graduation is a milestone in the lives of so many and you are able to deliver a speech that will inspire and touch each and every one of them.  The high school graduation speech that you deliver will also become a great memory for many of those that are in your audience.

What Is A High School Graduation Speech

A high school graduation speech is delivered during a high school graduation ceremony.  It is intended to sum up some of the achievements, events and memorable moments throughout the class’s high school years leading up to graduation and it is intended to inspire the class to continue to strive for their goals.  You also have the opportunity to offer a little advice for the future and inject a little humor into an otherwise emotional event.

Tips For Writing A High School Graduation Speech

Writing your high school graduation speech can be pretty simple because you have complete creative freedom when you write it.  There are some things that you should keep in mind when you are writing your high school graduation speech to help increase the impact that your speech will have.  If you use any humor when you are writing your high school graduation speech, be very careful that the statements you make cannot be offensive to anyone that may be in the audience.  When you are mentioning events that happened through your high school years, make sure that you are specific in your descriptions of those events and state clearly why the events that you mention are significant.  Advice is a good thing to give, but make sure you give it sparingly to avoid sounding bossy.  Make sure that you thank those that were especially helpful for you during high school and those that were an inspiration.  You should also remember to wish the graduating class good luck in their future endeavors.  When you wish the graduating class good luck, do not be overly specific and wish them all good luck with their college educations because not everyone in your graduating class is going to be going to college.  If you keep those simple pieces of advice in mind, you should be able to come up with a great high school graduation speech that will allow your audience to relate to the message you are sending.

Tips For The Delivery Of Your High School Graduation Speech

After you have written your high school graduation speech, you should always practice the speech as much as you can prior to the actual graduation ceremony.  Practicing in front of a mirror is fine, but at some point you should practice your high school graduation speech in front of people who will give you a little constructive criticism.  That constructive criticism can help you make any changes in the speech that need to be made before you actually give the speech in front of the graduating class.  Practicing will also help you be more relaxed and comfortable while you are delivering the speech which will improve the way that your audience views you and the speech you gave at the graduation ceremony.

Other things to remember when you are giving your high school graduation speech include making eye contact.  You do not want to be looking down at your notes while you are giving your speech.  If you have to look down every once in a while to remind yourself of everything that you wanted to say, that is fine, but you should not be reading it off of the paper.  You also want to make sure that you use the inflections in your voice to convey the emotions that are related to the things that you are talking about.  Showing your emotions about the topics that you are speaking about will help make a bigger impact on the audience when you are delivering your high school graduation speech.

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