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GRE Essay ExamplesThe GRE is a graduate level entrance exam designed to test one’s skills appropriate to higher level education. The GRE essay, also known as the analytical writing section, consists of two essays: the issue task and the argument task. Both sections are intended to demonstrate one’s ability to author high quality academic writing. The writing section of the GRE can be extremely stressful as it is the first section and is now typically completed on a limited function word processor located in the testing room. Testers are given a single essay prompt and a limited amount of time to complete the essay.

Scores on the essay range from zero to six in half point increments with a four being considered competent. Grammar, spelling and essay structure are all factors in the scoring, but topic-coverage is the most vital aspect. Each essay is read by two reviewers to assess the final core. A third reader is utilized if the first two recorded scores vary by more than a point. Success on the GRE essay is achieved by practice and preparation. While aspects such as grammar and spelling preparation should be the product of one’s undergraduate experience, the seamless incorporation of proper structure should be rehearsed prior to testing. Structure for the GRE essay should be as follows: introduction, first supporting information section with a good transition, second supporting information section with a good transition, third supporting information section and a strong logical conclusion. It is critical to write concise essays.

GRE Essay Examples

Example Topic: “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

Example Essay (Excerpted):
“Many children enjoy learning from their parents. Parents often teach lessons of responsibility, independence, and maturity. The majority of a child’s instruction in cultural norms and life skills is the responsibility of parents; however, this does not make them the best teachers.

Parents may be too close to their children emotionally to offer the objective criticism that is necessary for improvement…

Another challenge parents face in their teaching role is the limited scope of expectation they inherently exhibit toward their child’s unique interests…

Additionally, parents are limited to the extent of their own intellectual achievements that cannot match the advantage of varied resources and experiences native to an institution’s teaching staff…

Teachers are the societal representatives intended to encourage intellectual pursuit in young minds. Parents’ inherent emotional connection, obstructed personal interaction and limited educational resources can inhibit their productivity as an instructor in diversified intellectual pursuits. While parents are excellent mentors, the education of children is best bolstered by a series of diverse teaching professionals. The indispensable role of a parent as a supporter and mentor is a more logical description of their optimal role in a child’s education.”

The above is a skeletal example of a GRE issue essay. Notice there is a formal structure and tone to the essay, which is expected in all academic writing. The essay follows a clear line of logic by stating the thesis, transitioning through reasonable points, and concluding with a clear resolution. Large words should not be used frivolously, but incorporating a vocabulary that is indicative of one’s higher education is valuable. Ultimately, generating GRE essay samples will help one be prepared.

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