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GRE Analogy tests are to see your ability to recognize the relationship between a pair of words and the parallel relationships of the two words. To answer a gre analogy question, you must know the how the two first words fit together and then select a matching word for the single word that has the same relationship. There are all kinds of relationships that can go with a gre analogy question. These relationships include kind, size, spatial contiguity, or degree. Analogy is just another word for definition. So it is just basically linking words together to determine the relationship.

There are a few ways to get the right answer to one of these type questions. The first way is to figure out a phrase that might go with the word pairings. This helps to find the word that fits into the relationship. The second way is to eliminate the answers that do not make sense in the equation. This will give you a better chance of getting the right answer. The last way is to know that one word can mean several different things. Look over the answers a few times to make sure that a word does not have another meaning.

The main way to prepare for an analogy test is to take a gre analogy practice test. The GRE analogy practice questions will provide you with some samples that will be similar to the actual test. This will help you to get familiar with the format of the test. An example of a practice test question is:

1.Red : Rainbow

a)Color : Rose
b)Saturday : Week
c)Drop : Ocean
d)Ball : Team
e)Patient : Ward

In this question, you will need to decide what the relationship is between red and rainbow. Of course, we know that a rainbow has colors in it and red is one of the colors in the rainbow. A is not correct because rose is not part of a color. C is not correct because drops do not make an ocean. D is not correct because team does not consist of balls. D is not correct because a ward does not make patients. So the correct answer is B because a week has days and Saturday is one of those days.

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