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Graphic Design Cover Letter SamplesLooking to kick start your career in the field of graphic arts and design? The secret to getting your foot in the door in this field or any other field for that matter is a dynamic and eye catching resume. With the start of any good resume comes a kicking cover letterto set the right tone. You know the old adage, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”, and first impression opportunities don’t come better than that first page that a potential employer will see.

To make a good graphic design cover letter, you must be sure to research the company you’re interested in applying to and it’s working history. Making reference to facts and history about the company will show potential employers that you have an active interest in them aside from just drawing a paycheck. Reference your interest in this knowledge and your overall desire to work for them and help to contribute as an asset to the sterling record of whatever it is that they offer their customers. This can also potentially lead to the ability to turn a freelance job into a full time gig.

Graphic design cover letter examples can be found all over the internet using various search engines. Be sure to seek out some of the many graphic design cover letter samples across the web to get a good idea for what companies might be looking for. The following is one of the many great graphic design cover letter examples that can be found.

Graphic Design Cover Letter Samples:

Today’s Date
Recipient Name
Company Name
Street Address
City, State & Zip

Dear (Recipient),
I am currently interested in the logo design position I recently saw advertised in (Name of Publication). I have been seeking an opportunity such as this and I believe my background may be well suited to fitting your requirements for the job. I have been an avid reader of (Name of Publication) for many years, and the opportunity to contribute to it’s already sterling record would be an amazing opportunity.

The years worth of experience working in the fields of print and web development have noted in my resume added to my solid education give me confidence that I am the right person to fill your job requirements and I believe I will be able to show what an asset I will be to your company very quickly. I am confident that I can maintain the level of communication and professionalism that has been set as an example by this company since it was founded and hope to uphold those values in your office as an efficient and productive employee.

Please call me at (your phone number) if you need further information or have any questions. I look forward to contacting your office soon to inquire about a good date and time for a personal meeting. I look forward to speaking with you then.


(Your name)

This is a great graphic design cover letter example, because it helps lay out your interests in working for the company, as well as helping to lay out the reasons why you should be considered a valuable asset to their work force.

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