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Ideas For A Graduation SpeechWhen you are trying to come up with a graduation speech, it can be difficult to decide what you will talk about. Getting ideas for a graduation speech can be helpful and those ideas could come from friends, family, or resources just like this one.

Graduation Speech Ideas: School Activities

Because you will be speaking to the entire graduating class, it is a good idea to mention school related activities that are likely to be great memories for many of those in your graduating class.  These types of graduation speech ideas could include events that happened on your high school campus, dances, fun activities that were sponsored by the school, and sporting events.  Any of these types of school related events are great ideas for a graduation speech.

Graduation Speech Ideas: Sentiments

Graduation is a big step for everyone and a milestone in the lives of everyone graduating, so mentioning some of the steps that it took to get to that milestone are some great graduations speech ideas.  You may want to discuss some of the difficulties that you faced while in high school and also discuss how you overcame them.  Make sure that those difficulties are likely to apply to more than just you, because you are speaking to your entire graduating class.  Some more sentimental graduation speech ideas include mentioning some happy memories that you made during your senior year, some of the important life lessons you learned during high school, or some of the teachers that were an inspiration to you while you were in high school.

Graduation Speech Ideas: Address The Future

Graduation is all about finishing high school, but also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of you and your class mates.  Graduation speech ideas should always include a little bit about what is yet to come.  As some of your speech you could mention possibilities of upcoming opportunities for the students in your class, wish your classmates good luck with their futures, wish your classmates a successful career, or wish them a happy and fulfilling life.  All of those wishes and mentions of the future are appropriate as graduation speech ideas and could really add to the impact that your graduation speech makes on some of the members of your audience.

Remember that you should practice the presentation of you graduation speech as much as possible prior to the graduation ceremony and you should try to practice in front of some friends and family.  The friends and family that you practice your speech in front of may actually offer you some more graduation speech ideas that may help you perfect the presentation.

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