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Sitting down and writing an essay that is intended to persuade someone to a certain point of view is not an easy task, and can seem very overwhelming. Choosing from list of persuasive essay topics and writing your essay not only require you to convince the reader of your point of view, but also support your arguments logically.

There are a wide variety of good persuasive essay topics to choose from, you need to make sure you pick one that is right for you. A good topic is one that you have a personal interest in, and you have some personal experiences that you can use in your essay. The more personalized your paper, the better you will be able to make the appropriate arguments to support your essay topic.

Now that you have chosen a topic from a list of good persuasive essay topics, you need to think about your point of view on the subject, which you will need to support with solid evidence, well-supported arguments, and statistics. Your essay topic should view only one side of the issue and should form an affirmative statement for your position.

It is important to remember that your list of persuasive essay topics should be based on current events happening around you. This list should include “hot” topics on people’s minds, and can provoke a civil dispute. Choosing a topic that is up-to-date can automatically add credibility to your paper.

There are several different categories of persuasive essay topics; here are a few examples of good essay topics.

  • Terrorism in the United States
  • The Federal Budget Negotiations
  • The President of the United States
  • Abortion (can be a touchy topic)
  • Green Technology

Pick a topic that is interesting to your professor. This is critical if you are writing a list of persuasive essay topics for a final paper. Some examples are:

  • Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse
  • Abortion
  • Violence in the media (games, news, movies, etc)
  • Curfew for children under 15
  • The influence of the internet on children and teenagers
  • The effects of divorce on children

As you can see choosing college persuasive essay topics for admissions, applications, or paper doesn’t have to be difficult. Hopefully we have sparked your thought process with the examples above.

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