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Definition essays are some of the easiest essays to write. They are designed to explain what a specific term means, and are described as the process of a word, phrase, or term. There are different genres of definition essay topics: personal, stimulating, memorable, etc and can be written as an analysis or a comparison.

Topics for definition essays need to be chosen carefully, and requires a term that needs to be defined. Good definition essay topics should require detail and be supported by examples, results, and the ending effects. All definition essays should contain a strong thesis and contain information to support the writer’s point of view. You must clearly define the term in the thesis part of your essay.

There are certain rules that must be followed in order to write a good definition essay. The use of the topics when and where should be avoided when writing the definition. You must use a noun to define a noun and a verb for a verb. You must not plagiarize your definition from the dictionary or other sources. The grammar in this essay must be simple and easy to understand. Good definition essay topics have all of the characteristics.

Definition essay topics are rather easy to find and can be about different topics based on comparisons, theories, personalities, etc. Some good essay topic examples are:

  • Racism
  • Poverty
  • Love
  • Pollution
  • Global Warming
  • Green Technology
  • Advertising Ethics
  • Cults
  • Biotechnology
  • Free Speech
  • Gay Rights
  • Biological Weapons
  • Piercing and Tattoos
  • Terrorism
  • Violence in the Media

The structure of a definition essay must consist of a thesis statement, examples to support the author’s point of view, and the author’s final restatement.

  • Definition is introduced
  • Analyze the term
    • Function
    • Structure
    • Analysis
  • Meanings the author does not agree with are recognized
  • Examples to support the definition

Whatever definition essay topic you choose, you should be interested in the topic and research as much information as you can about it. Any personal experiences that you may have in regards to the topic can help you write a better essay.

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