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good debate topicsDebate topics are considered to be propositions that have two sides, topics that can be agreed and disagreed upon, generally subject’s that have basic controversy within them. There are many situations that have dynamics and aspects that make them debatable, good topics have some form of political, religious or scientific argument within them and thus they are perceived quite differently amongst various schools of thought. Controversial topics allow students, speakers and teachers to understand arguments they may not necessarily agree with and to take in a more diverse and open minded approach to existing problems, whether those problems exist at a global level or within a smaller community.

Good Debate Topics: How To Find Them

A good debate topics is an argument that actually means something to someone, an argument that actually has some sort of significance, be it religious or political, a debatable decision that will significantly affect the future of the world in some way or will actually have a significant impact on a certain people or on society. Such topics usually make for great debate as they allow for a number of angles to be considered and allow debaters to present facts and data that help see the topic in a new light. A good debate topic helps speakers, students and audiences be more accepting towards ideas, thoughts and opinions that are different from their own, thus encouraging and creating a more tolerant and free world.

Debate and diplomacy topics: is it important to agree?

Debates help people appreciate and cherish democratic values. It is very important for younger people to understand that imposing and forcing what you believe in upon others is unfair and unreasonable, and that debating and arguing back and forth helps not only reach conclusions both sides agree upon but also help discover solutions and paths towards resolution.

What can debate topics for high school students be about?

Debate topics for High school students should provide healthy arguments for and against a number of issues affecting the world and societies today. It is important to choose from topics that are not too vague to provide high school students with a focus and a starting point and give them topics that will not only require them to research and brainstorm but also force them to think beyond what they know and believe in. A good example would be Globalization, curse or blessing? and Terrorism, a real threat or hoax? Topics that can be based on facts and actual happenings help students gain knowledge while other topics like science versus religion or beauty versus brains, what is more important?, help build their morals and allow them to be creative and imaginative.

What can middle school debate topics be about?

Middle school students need debates to build up on their confidence, to learn public speaking skills and to learn to stand up for what they believe in. Some great topics for middle school students would be violent video games should be banned or the influence of television or was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima justified. Topics that touch on history but also encourage students to look up facts and form opinions using these facts, are vital for developing good debating skills in middle school students.

When choosing a debate topic it is essential to find something that serves a few purposes, namely requires research and brainstorming and requires students to open up their minds to ideas and thoughts contrary to their own. For example, the topic beauty versus brains, will help students really think about what is important in life and analyze real life facts and figures to shape up good arguments for and against the topic. A great topic really gets students excited, and motivates them towards coming up with substantial work.

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