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sample ged essay topicsGED essay topics are the subjects about which GED essays are written. GED test takers are expected to expand upon these topics by writing a brief essay about them. These topics are usually general in nature, and draw upon the essay writer’s opinion or experience. The general nature of these topics allows test takers from all backgrounds to provide essays on the subject matter, without requiring a specific mastery of the subject.

The purpose of the GED essay topic is to allow the GED test taker to display their language comprehension abilities, as well as their ability to correctly follow instructions. For the purpose of the GED examination, GED essay topics generally cover broad subject matters. It is expected that anyone who is deserving of a passing GED examination score, can successfully write an essay on the subject of a GED test topic.
GED Essay Topics 2012
The 2012 GED exams essay topics follow the same basic guidelines as those of earlier years. These topics seek to establish the test-takers level of comprehension and writing skills. While determining the specific topic assigned to each test is not possible, it is possible to establish the kind of essay topic that is likely to appear on the 2012 GED examination.

Sample GED Essay Topics

GED essay subjects are given to students randomly. Because of the random nature of GED essay assignment, it is not practical to study every possible topic. Fortunately GED essays are not graded on their subject matter, but on the writing skills of the test taker.
Sample GED Essay topics will be based on a broad outline of general information subjects. Remember what is most important is not the essay’s content, but how well the GED essay submission reflects the writer’s ability to comprehend and follow instructions. Additionally, the essay submission will be judge the test takers language and grammar abilities.
In an essay written on the topic of “Describe your first pet” for example, an acceptable student answer could take the following form: – My first pet was a dog named Ralph. Ralph was a Cocker Spaniel, with brown hair and shaggy fur. Ralph liked to play in the yard and go for long walks in the park with me.- Following this format, the student will then elaborate until completing the required GED essay length.
Those GED essays which receive high marks typically share certain characteristics. Among these characteristics are; proper spelling and grammar, and a clear demonstration of understanding the essay’s instructions. These characteristics can be best displayed by writing in clear sentences, and adhering to a well defined paragraph structure. GED essay graders look for those essays which most closely accomplish the goals set forth in the essay’s instructions.

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