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Analogy refers to the study of similarity between two objects, phenomenon or things that are otherwise dissimilar. It is a comparison that is made and based on the likeness, equivalence, and similarities between two statements. More appropriately, the definition of analogy states that, it’s a logical conclusion which is based on the assumption that if two things are similar in one way they must have some proportion of similarity in the other way. The scientists, researchers and scholars defines analogy as ,” if two object, events, inferences X and Y have some form of similarity and the object X has property P, then the object Y should also have the same property P in order to prove the analogy to be true”.

The definition of analogy may fail if the above statement proves to be wrong at some point. It is said, that if the objects X and Y don’t have the similar property P, then the analogy is false or faulty analogy. There can be a number of analogy examples to quote, that can be taken from daily life and easier to explain faulty analogy.

Examples of Faulty Analogies:

– Just like students are given a couple of weeks fro preparation before taking exams, doctors should also be given few days or weeks to prepare themselves before an operation or surgery, after all surgery is not as easy task.

– Running a company is just like driving a car, the more fuel you will add the faster your car will run, similarly the more you will pay to your employees the greater ROI they will return to fasten up your business progress.

– If someone is wearing baggy pants and a leather jacket his look proves that he must belong to a gang and should have kept a gun inside his leather jacket.

If we take a close look at the above mentioned examples we will come to know that they are not comparable. Of course, you cannot compare a student’s preparation to a doctor’s practice, students are given a couple of weeks to prepare themselves and take exams of what they have learned during their studies. On contrary doctors have already passed through the face of learning and doing surgery or operation doesn’t require any preparation but only experience and expertise. Similarly running a company and driving a car are totally different subjects; one cannot compare the fueling of a car for speed to paying employees to speed up the ROI. Likewise, if someone wears baggy pants or leather jacket it s not at all a symbol or prove that he belong to some gang, these are just false analogies.

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