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When students are in school, they learn the term analogy. An analogy definition is an English term used to describe the relation between two different things. Analogies are seen on tests such as the SAT. They are seen as two words with a relationship between them, and another word with a blank. The student is to find the relationship between the first two words so they will be able to find the missing word. Analogies can be words that are similar to each other, parts of another word or words that describe another word.

False analogies are misleading terms that have no relation. A false analogy is represented by the fact that with the first pair of words having a relationship, then the second pair of words must have the same relationship. Just because the first pair has a specific relationship does not mean the second pair does.

False Analogy Examples

One way that false analogies can be seen is through religion. If it is stated that Christianity leads people to a Savior through prayer and forgiveness, then all other religions must do the same thing. This is not true because all religions are not the same. Tomatoes have seeds and are considered a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit. all other vegetables that have some form of seed must be considered a fruit and not a vegetable. A man, who wears a suit and tie like an attorney, must be an attorney. Businesses who regularly give to charities mean that all businesses give to charities.

These are only a few examples of false analogies that we can see in daily life. They are terms that seem to have similarities and mean one thing, but they actually don’t relate at all. On tests, they should be read very carefully so the student can determine if the analogy is true or false. Most tests will not put many false analogies on them, but there could be some to see if the student can decipher between the two. Analogies are important to learn because we use them in day to day life. They are also needed to understand literature and math.

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