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Executive Resume SamplesExecutive assistant resumesare prepared for superior assistant with many years of work experience. The executive assistance sample should demonstrate the ability to coordinate office management operations and noteworthy projects with a high degree of sensitivity and importance to the organization. The resume format for executive resume sample is viewed favorably when it contains a well-designed cover letter.

Executive resumes samplesare prepared for executives and their assistance working in high-level professional management positions. Familiar executive titles include Director, Vice President, President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer. It is common for executive assistance resume to be professionally prepared in large organizations. Additionally, former executive may provide executive resume examples when performing executive level functions for the board of directors.Using executive resumes can be an extremely precise marketing strategy for an individual. It is not intended for starting level employment. Therefore, they can include a lot more depth than a simple job resume. These types of resumes are particularly hard to generate, because they must be precise to the executive level desired. They are similar to a professional presentation of a person’s professional life. Executive resume sample is designed to try and do a lot more than chronologically list the accomplishments. They are about the historical experiences that you have learned and successfully applied in the industry.

A good executive assistant resume would include an accurate history of the employment history, most recent accomplishments and education information. It is prepared in reverse chronological format. Also, it is designed to show functional accomplishment. The short example below shows the basic format and structure for an executive resume.

Mark T. Writ
123 My House Telephone: 555-555-5555
My town, State 44444 Email: myname@mybiz.comCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

A highly qualified executive manager offering more than 20 years of executive management experience in the technology industries. The career is focused on results and effective leader with proven ability to turn around financially trouble companies. Talent for proactively identifying and resolving problem, changing negative sales trends, automating accounting systems, controlling cost, maximizing productivity and delivering multi-million dollar profit increases. Highly developed skills in:

• Strategic financial planning,
• Profitability improvement,
• Profit and loss management,
• Supply Chain Management Enhancement,
• Executive leadership and management.


GENERAL MANAGER (2002 – 2007)

Directing all businesses of the 68.4 Billion technology business with domestic and international operations throughout the Unites States, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Currently providing expertise and leadership for a 2000 person workforce and maintaining full profit and Loss (P&L) responsibilities. Responsible for leading all marketing, production, business development and human resources interactions.


• Transformed the marketing, logistics and supply chain management approach from a distressed operation to recognition and ranking as one of the largest and industry leading business in the industry worldwide.
• Increased sales and profit by 65% and increased annual bookings by 2 billion by executing a series of business development initiatives and expanded international sales, opened new markets, and built new distribution channels.


Executive leader accountable for strategic planning, research, development, operation management and business development for a 2.3 billion subsidiary. Responsible for maintaining excellent business relationship with fortune 500 companies in the industry.


• Implemented just-In-time manufacturing and distribution systems to increase throughput, logistics and supply chain management efficiency


Masters of Business Administration (MBA),
University of California -Irvine, CA
Bachelors of Business Administration
Virginia State University, Petersburg VA

Executive assistant resume, executive resume samples, and executive resume examples are made good by presenting an effective format that allows for accomplishment to be clearly articulated while providing in chronological order a sense of progression and accomplishment. Using executive resume examples are good starting point to follow effective format and assist in the preparation of initial executive summary and cover letter. These tools introduce you to hiring manages and assist you clearly states your desire for the job position.

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