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Essay Outline FormatStudents write 5 paragraph essays from early in their school career. They are a useful tool for learning to make an argument or defend an opinion. These essays may be used for a variety of purposes, including classification, comparison and contrast, and persuasion. Even young students can write a compare and contrast essay, on frogs and toads, for example. These usually begin with a formatted essay outline.

Most follow a standard essay outline format. As the name “5 paragraph essay” indicates, there are five paragraphs. The first is an introduction stating the writer’s position, also known as the thesis statement. A strong introduction will get the reader’s attention, such as with a quote by a well-known figure, an anecdote, or even a startling statistic.Whatever type of hook is chosen, it should be relevant. The topics of the three body paragraphs will be briefly stated. Each body paragraph focuses on a different topic introduced in the opening paragraph and provide further evidence for the thesis statement. The final paragraph concludes the essay by connecting the three body paragraphs to the main topic of the essay and restates the thesis in different words.

Essay Outline Format

An example essay outline template looks something like this:

“In just four years, all-male Urban Prep Academy in Chicago went from 4% of students reading at grade-level to 100% acceptance to universities.* Despite recent debate in the news, single-sex schools offer many benefits to their students, such as gender-focused teaching methods and the lack of distraction of the opposite sex. Students may also participate more in a single-sex class.

Officials at Urban Prep Academy state that their students’ amazing improvement is due to using teaching methods shown to be more effective with boys. In single-sex classrooms, learning differences can be catered to in order to maximize learning…

“Out of sight, out of mind.” Without the opposite sex around as a distraction, students can focus on their studies…

Finally, without the opposite sex there to impress, students may feel more confident to participate, even when unsure of themselves…

While not all schools can boast of results such as those seen at Urban Prep Academy, students can get the most out of their time at school by having teachers who use gender-specific methods shown to be effective. They can also stay focused on the lessons more easily and feel more comfortable participating. The bottom line is, despite their detractors, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.”

The introduction in the above example begins with a eye-catching statistic to get the reader’s attention. The writer’s thesis statement shows the relevance of the statistic to the essay: Urban Prep Academy is a school for boys which has seen marked improvements among its students. The writer then gives several points which will be addressed in the body of the essay, beginning with the strongest. The three body paragraphs detail the writers argument. The conclusion once again states the thesis that same-sex schools are better for students.

This essay outline template can be used with a number of styles of 5 paragraph essays. The format can be quickly understood, even by young learners and be developed through the years, until college-hopefuls can write one on a random topic with a set time limit as part of their college entrance exams.

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