Equestrian Scholarships

Equestrian Scholarships for CollegeEvery year many people go to school for equestrian majors and it can be a difficult to find the funding that is needed to pay for the tuition to complete your education.  You have the option of using financial aid and grants to help pay for your college education.  You can also use student loans for your college education costs, but you have to pay that money back after the fact.  Equestrian scholarships can be a very big help with your college tuition bill and a great part of using equine scholarships to help pay the bill is that you do not have to pay that money back.

Equestrian Scholarships That Are Specific To A School

If you select the right school to attend when pursuing your equestrian education, you may find that you have a lot of opportunities when it comes to finding equestrian scholarships for college in the first place.  The majority of the equestrian scholarships that are available throughout the United States are specific to one school or another.  If you are depending on scholarship money to pay for your schooling, than you may even want to consider choosing the college or university that you attend based on the equestrian scholarships that they have available and that you are eligible for.  Some examples of equestrian scholarships that are specific to a particular college or university are the Curt Greene Memorial Scholarship, the Robert W. Brennan Scholarship, and the Craig E. Arnett Memorial Equestrian Scholarship.  There are many more equestrian scholarships that are specific to one college or another, so make sure you check with the schools that you are interested in to make sure that you get a complete list of the equestrian scholarships that they offer.

Other Places To Look For Equestrian Scholarships

There are other resources for finding equestrian scholarships and places that you can look into to see if they offer any equestrian scholarships.  It is fairly common for large organizations to have a scholarship program for their members.  If you belong to the American Quarter Horse Association, which is also known as the AQHA, you may be eligible for some of the scholarships that they offer to their members.  Another equestrian association that offers equestrian scholarships for its members is the AHA or the Arabian Horse Association.  Other groups that offer equestrian scholarships include the United States Dressage Federation, the United States Hunter Jumper Association, the American Hackney Horse Society, the American Morgan Horse Association, and the American Saddlebred Horse Association.