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Environmental Research TopicsIn the early 1960’s the hippie began their activist movement celebrating Mother Earth. With the leadership of peace activist John McConnell, public awareness of the need to preserve and renew the earth’s threatened ecological balance, on which all life depends was established. As a result Earth Day was passed in1969.

Along with that came a proclamation stating that all humanity are responsible for caring and keeping the earth clean. This gained international support and served as the launching pad for further environmental topics over the years. As awareness of serious issues affecting the earth grew, environmental topics increased including general issues concerning the environment and also its effects on the inhabitants as well.

These environmental topics discussed concerns over issues such as; depletion of natural resources, endangered species, conservation, environmental degradation, pollution, climatic changes which includes el Niño global warming, green house effect, continental shift, mountain building, solar radiation, and thermal expansion.

Science and the Environment With the various studies conducted on the lifestyle of modern man and the accelerated use of resources in the environment, concerns over the effects have caused the development of a new scientific field of study to deal with the problem. As a result there is a wide range of environmental science topics including physics, chemistry, biology, soil science, geology, atmospheric science and geography.

Environmental Science Topic

Other environmental science topics include environmental studies and environmental engineering. Environmental scientific topics of environmental studies cover the social sciences involved in understanding human nature and their relationships. Environmental engineering deals with techniques involved in the restoring and improving the environment.

Environmental Research Environmental research topics began in the 1960’s and early 1970 for three major reasons which are as follows; 1. To develop a multi-disciplinary method in dealing with the rising issues affecting the environment
2. New environmental laws which required specific protocols for investigation
3. Increased public awareness of environmental problems and demands for a solution from government
4. Events occurring in the community which brought cause for alarm such as Santa Barbara Oil Spill 1969 and the Cuyahoga River fire in Cleveland Ohio.
These created a need for investigation and several environmental research topics developed among which were; effects of global climate change, and interaction of physical, chemical and biological processes..

Topics of Debates National Environmental Research Council (NERC) issued a public challenge to debate skeptics who were not entirely sold on climatic changes. The environmental debate topics included:
1. Green House Effect 2. Effects of increased CO2 in environment, 3. Recent increase in Global Mean Temperature 4. Palaeo (1000 years prior to present age) Record of Temperature Changes 5. Climate Models
6. Uncertainty of Scientists. (Degree of Uncertainty in climatic science downplayed by scientists)
7. Regional Variations in Climatic Change (Why is it snowing in Tasmania)
8. Ice Sheets and Individual Glacier formation contradiction of Global Warming
9. Will we soon be entering a new Ice Age?

These are all very interesting environmental debate topics which take into consideration the future effects of issues now present in the environment if goes unchecked, or not dealt with. An example is the degree of uncertainty of scientists as far as climatic science goes. The difficulty it would seem scientists would experience in the CO2 emissions theory for instance, lay in the average life expectancy of mankind. This is important since it is not a constant but varies from one person to another.

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