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Elevator SpeechIf you are unsure what an elevator speech is or how to go about writing one you are not alone.  The term, elevator speech, is not commonly used.  The speech itself is simple and straight forward and the elevator speech is typically only about thirty seconds in length.

What Is An Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is a very short speech that gets its name from the amount of time that you have to present the speech itself.  The elevator speech is typically about thirty seconds long, about the same amount of time that an elevator ride would take.  The idea of the speech is to summarize your own educational background, achievements, skills, and interests are in relation to an internship or an employment opportunity.  You should always include a statement about your future goals in an elevator speech as well.

Tips On Writing An Elevator Speech

When you write your elevator speech, you want to decide what the most important points about yourself are.  You definitely want to start by introducing yourself by name.  You should then mention information about your education such as the school you attend or attended, your major and if you had one, what your minor was.  Then you should mention any awards or achievements you have received and any impressive activities that you participated in.  You should finish with what you hope to find as your career in the future and any other future goals you may have.  As you can see, the speech itself is quite short and therefore your elevator speech should be fairly simple to write.

Tips On The Presentation Of Your Elevator Speech

Because an elevator speech is extremely short, you should do your best to memorize this type of speech.  The topic is simple, it is about you, so it is not like you will have a hard time remembering what your own achievements are and what your educational background is.  You will need to concentrate on getting a nice order to how you present the information that you will include in the presentation of your elevator speech so that the speech itself seems to have smooth transitions between facts and a nice, natural flow.

Practicing your elevator speech is essential to being able to memorize the way that you want to present the speech.  Practice will also help you create a sense of a natural, conversational flow instead of making the elevator speech sound like it was forced or unnatural in any way.  Try to practice in front of a friend or family member who will give you their honest opinion of your presentation and if they offer any advice for corrections, you may want to look into making a few changes to your elevator speech.

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