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Group Discussion TopicsEveryone loves a good discussion no matter age they are. When a group of teenagers are together, they like to share their thoughts and ideas. They are in a learning stage of life and talking about controversial ideas often helps them form their own opinions.

Good discussion topicsfor teenagers take time to develop. They cannot be thrown out with little thought. It is important that they are well thought out and often they are questions that can’t be answered. Most of them have no wrong or right answer, they are a matter of opinion.A good facilitator will present the discussion topics and set a time limit. It should be only long enough to get the discussion going and not long enough for the answer to be found. A good discussion is a process that strives to get people in the group to open up and share ideas and feelings. It should never drag on and on so that the group gets tired of the entire idea.

If the discussion starts to lag, it is a good idea to have some back up sub points. It is not wrong to have long pauses and since it is a group discussion, the facilitator should resist the feeling to take over. Most teenagers are glad to have an opportunity to share and talk in a group setting. Some of the things they talk about during the discussion time will be things they carry through life. Remember, no one should ever be looked down on for their opinion and sometimes teenagers say things they don’t necessarily believe because they are forming life values and are working through what they really believe.

Group Discussion Topics for Teenagers

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one book, what would it be?
If your boyfriend or girlfriend ask you to lie to your parents, would you?
Should teenagers have a curfew if they are in school and have a full time job?
Who should pay for car insurance when teenagers live at home?
If your best friend drinks regularly on the weekends, should you tell your parents?
Should schools have dress codes?
Should parents be allowed to look at teenagers medical records?

These controversial questions are things most teenagers think about and have opinions on. Sometimes they are not aware what others their age feel about these issues. They may not realize that many teenagers pay for their own car insurance when they start to drive. Discussing these type of questions give them an opportunity to hear what other teens are doing. Remember discussions for teens can be great learning tools and in order for them to be successful, it is important to let them freely express their feelings with open ended questions.

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