Descriptive Essay Examples

If you are asked to describe the appearance of an object, person or place, you are giving a description. When you take that description and put it into writing, you are creating a descriptive college essay. Chronological order is not as important as the detail in the appearance of the object. When writing a description essay, you need to be very clear about all of the details. Reading through some descriptive essay examples can help you see what your completed essay should look like.

The first thing you need to do when writing your essay is to identify what it is that you are describing. If you are describing a person, you will rely on opinions. Where as if you are writing about a thing or place, you will be relying on the description your observations. Descriptive essays create a vivid experience for the reader.

A descriptive essay should be short and to the point, but yet be informative also. Your thesis statement should be in the form of a question and the answer will be contained in the body of your essay.

  • The introduction to your essay should include the person, place or thing that your are describing.
  • The body paragraphs should contain all descriptions and observations about the topic.
  • The conclusion will summarize the essay and restate your thesis.

Here are some tips to help you determine what you need to write a descriptive essay.

  • Use either abstract or concrete items for your topic
  • Use a wide variety of adjectives and adverbs to describe your topic.
  • Use all five of your senses when describing the topic (see, smell, taste, touch and hear)
  • Include every detail possible so the reader can get a vivid picture of what you are talking about.
  • Write about one aspect of the object in each paragraph.
  • Focus on the descriptive details of the object.

Once you have completed your essay, ask yourself the following questions: Did you prove or describe an idea or image in your essay? If you answered yes, then you have successfully completed your descriptive essay. Now your essay can become one of the many descriptive essay examples available for students to use for help.