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Dental School Personal Statement ExamplesBecoming a dentist is a very noble career choice. You are making a commitment to serve others with your knowledge of health care and provide this service to others in need and to educate them on their specific health needs. One of the first steps to becoming a dentist is applying to dental school. Applying to any professional problem can be stressful enough with all the exams involved, but one of the most important elements will be your dental school personal statement. This essay is an explanation as to why you feel you would make a good candidate for dental school. You must use your motivational skills, background knowledge, and individual personal traits to state your claim to being accepted. When it comes to writing a good personal statement for dental school, it is necessary to have some key factors in mind. First, you should explain why you want to pursue the dental profession, why you feel you would be an asset to the profession, and what makes you the best candidate for the dental profession. A good personal statement for dental school will cover your academic work, your community involvement and you clinical background. If you can rely all these areas equally, then you should be well on your way to a dental education.

Dental School Personal Statement Examples

When you begin writing your statement, you should think back to what made you decide to pursue a dental career. This is a good way to start your essay; ” When I was twelve, I had a toothache, and my father took me to the dentist. I was so scared and afraid of the pain that would come with fixing my tooth. But when I got into the dentist chair, my dentist made me feel so at peace and it did not hurt at all. I knew then, that I wanted to become a dentist and teach children how not to be afraid of the dental experience. I want to be apart of changing the dental experience for all children and adults who grow up to believe that dental work is taboo.” This is just one example of why someone may want to become a dentist. Others ideas could be because you have just wanted to be a dentist all your life, either because you enjoy oral care or want to help in preventing tooth decay. Either way, start out with a personal idea that is specific to your character, this lets the reader know who you are. Then go into your academic background, touching on your grades, classes specific to the degree.

Example; ” I have been on the Dean’s list each semester since beginning my undergraduate studies. I know the importance of getting and maintaining outstanding grades, as they will propel me to the next level of my career and give me the edge I need over my competitors.” Then go into your community associations, which will highlight your multitasking skills and your desire to serve others. Example; ” I volunteer at a local clinic in my county as a way to give back and educate the youth and the elderly on personal hygiene. I believe it is important for others to know that someone is here to help them when they need it.” Once you are done there, you should speak on your clinical background, if you have worked in a dental office or volunteered there. An example of this would be an internship or summer job; ” I have worked as a dental hygienist for two years during the summer. I got my hygienist degree and I want to take it to the next level and become a dentist.” These areas will help the readers to see that you are serious about the dental profession and also familiar with it.

Finally, you should write your conclusion, summing up all the things you explained about pursuing the dental career. Bring together your opening story of why you chose this career and add in your experiences to complete it and give an overall effect of balance. To make a personal statement to dental school good, is to bring all the factors together and make them specific to you. Do not just generalize, but get as personal as possible without drawing pity upon yourself. Keep it up beat and clear.

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