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Good Demonstration Speech TopicsA demonstration speech is pretty much like a regular verbal speech, only that it involves live, physical demonstrations using visual aids. It is used mostly to help students understand better and is quite effective in that aspect. For a demonstration speech to be successful, you have to plan the speech carefully. Begin by choosing and researching your demonstration speech topics.

You will need a written script, which will guide you in the demonstration steps to carry out. Next, collect all the equipment needed for the demonstration and assemble them in the order in which you will use them. Remember that skill is everything when it comes to making good demonstrations. You can have good demonstration speech topics but fail to deliver due to poor presentation.

During the demonstration, begin with the verbal speech, where you explain what happens in each step. Then go ahead and carry out the demonstration for each specific step. Repeat this procedure till the conclusion of your demonstration. Note that sometimes, you will need to carry on explaining while doing the demonstration. Ensure that you do it seamlessly so that the students can follow through with what you are doing, without losing track of what you are saying.

Good Demonstration Speech Topics

Choosing a good demonstration speech topic for your class can be tricky. If you have never done this before or do not have that much experience, this list of topics should provide some basic ground to begin or give you ideas of what you can come up with:

1. How to wear your scarf in 10 different ways
2. How to tie and dye cotton fabric
3. How to tan leather
4. Different ways to reuse wood
5. The right way to pop and pour champagne
6. Simple ways to recycle plastic
7. How to perform stretches that target the core muscles of the body.
8. How to make an outdoor silo.

Sometimes, you may be required to carry out a demonstration speech to get your audience to relax, release tension in a room or refresh them after a long, lecture session. In this case, funny demonstration speeches work best. Below is a list of funny demonstration speech topics that you can use in a number of situations:

1. Disaster scenarios for a first-date
2. Bad ways to Get Caught Lying
3. Possible reactions after sending a romantic email to your lecturer/employee
4. Worst pick up lines you can use
5. Understanding body language
6. How not to kiss
7. Most embarrassing moments with your girlfriend/boyfriend
8. What not to try when drunk

These topics can be used to entertain and not necessarily educate. You can also use them purely for informative reasons. Once you establish what your motive for the demonstration speech is, you can then plan your presentation.


Demonstration speech topics are the best way to get your point across and make sure that it sticks. Demonstration speech topics for college students designed for educative purposes are usually easy to structure. Similarly, demonstration funny speech topics for college students can be picked from a wide range of playful, childish and adult themes. Organize your demonstration into an introduction, where you explain what your topic is all about. Follow this with the middle process which involves the actual demonstration along with all relevant instructions and finally the conclusion, where you show the final product.

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