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Ideas For A Demonstration SpeechAnyone who is faced with the job of writing a demonstration speech has to first come up with some demonstration speech ideas.  While this may seem like a simple task, trying to find demonstration speech ideas that also fit into your time frame for your speech can be difficult.  The goal of a demonstration speech is to demonstrate how to go about doing something or to demonstrate how to complete a process.  When you coming up with demonstration speech ideas, you should think of how to make something, how to repair something, how to do something, how to use something, how an item is made or how an item works.

Demonstration Speech Ideas: How To Make Something

One of the most popular demonstration speech ideas is to give a speech on how to make something.  You could give your speech on how to make a craft, how to paint a picture, how to make a model out of clay, or how to draw a cartoon character.  Other demonstration speech ideas that pertain to how to make something include how to build a birdhouse, how to create a flower arrangement, or how to tie a knot.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to ideas for how to make something.  Never overlook ideas about cooking.  You could easily use demonstration speech ideas like how to make an apple pie, how to make lasagna, or how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Demonstration Speech Ideas: How To Use Something

Another great idea for a demonstration speech is to describe how to use something.  These types of topics and demonstration speech ideas can be quite helpful.  You could describe how to use a specific computer program in a certain way, like how to use Microsoft Excel to create an address book or how to use Microsoft Publisher to make a flyer.  You could also use demonstration speech ideas about how to use something like a tool, a machine, or a piece of equipment like a camera.

Demonstration Speech Ideas: Processes

Demonstration speech ideas are not limited to telling the audience how to make something, fix something or use something.  You could also describe a process to your audience.  Some demonstration speech ideas about processes would include describing the process of balancing a checkbook, the process of cleaning a pool, or the process of organizing your closet.  Any processes that you could describe how to do would be a great ideas for a demonstration speech.

It is always a good idea to consider your audience when you are coming up with ideas for a demonstration speech.  You do not want to give a speech that may bore them or a speech that they may not understand.  You need to be able to get their attention and keep their attention with your demonstration speech topic.

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