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When writingList of Debatable Topics For Research Papers a research paper on a debatable subject it is important to have a few topics in mind before you start researching, just in case you can’t find enough supporting evidence for one of your topics. Your list of debatable topics should include subjects that you will find it easy or interesting to write about, that way your assignment does not become a chore. A debatable topic is something that can be argued about on both sides of the subject being talked about. It is usually something that is factual, meaning you can easily argue about it with supporting facts. It is important to use more facts than feelings and opinions when writing on your debatable subject, otherwise your paper will not count as research but only as your opinion. You can search in many places for debatable topics for research papers. You can search through hot news topics, new medical treatments, or local events that are causing a stir in the public eye. These will all be good debatable topics because they will have two definite sides that can provide facts to support what you are saying in your paper.

List of Debatable Topics for Research Papers

Medical Topics:
Stem cell research
Abortion should be illegal or legal
Should we legalize medical marajuana?
Sex education in schools
Is artificial insemination morally right
Should everyone be allowed Cosmetic Surgery?
Should human cloning be allowed?
What vaccinations should be given or not given

Environmental Topics:
Switching to alternative fuels
Causes of global warming
Water treatments
Safe waste treatments
Wildlife conservations
More Alternatives for Energy sources

Social Topics:
Should gay marriage be allowed?
Should the U.S be involved in Middle Eastern Troubles?
Why it is important to have a Family bond
Which is better Capitalism or Socialism?
What should be considered child abuse?
Has social media invaded privacy rights?
Should police forces be increased to fight crime trends?
Should cell phones be banned from movie theaters?
Should teenagers be allowed internet access to chat rooms?
Risks of speed dating
Should alcohol be given to public in limited amounts?
Risks of cell phones and driving
Should littering have bigger penalties?
Would more public cameras help stop crime

There are a few things to look for when looking for a debatable topic. Is this topic able to be backed by facts on both sides? Is your paper more than opinions? Is this a current or old subject? All of these are important when choosing what to write about. The above topics are all in this guideline. For example, should gay marriage be allowed? This is something that can be argued on both sides because you can say yes or no. It can be backed by facts because it is a legal issue, and it is a recent ongoing topic in the news. Another example, has social media invaded privacy rights? This can be answered yes or no, can be backed by researching on privacy rights and media rights, and also is ongoing in the news with celebrities. They are all great debatable subjects, because they meet the guidelines. Now you too can write more effectively on debatable subjects.

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