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Typically a potential employer receives hundreds of resumes and cover letters for one available position. A good customer service cover letter needs to separate the applicant from the rest within the hiring pool. The candidate needs to include relevant job experience and knowledge by catering to what the job requires in the cover letter for customer service positions. By doing this the cover letter appears more personalized and the employer can tell briefly that this candidate meets the qualifications.
The employee who is a customer service representative is many times the only person from the company that the customer will meet. This position requires professionalism in difficult situations, the ability to be friendly, which sometimes means having a good deal of patience, and a strong knowledge base about the company.
It is always goodto personalize the customer service cover letter whenever possible using the name of the contact and signing it.
The cover letter should be brief but rich with the applicants qualifications with no extra fluff that the employer probably has no time for. The potential candidate should mention how they will help meet the company’s goals and also its expectations as an employee. This will help the employer choose someone in less, time that is worth calling in for an interview. The ultimate goal of the cover letter for customer service.

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Dear Hiring Manager, (Personalize if Possible)

I realize that in today’s fast-paced society, a customer service agent needs to be friendly and proactive. Sometimes the person on the other side of the telephone or internet is the only representative a customer will have contact with. This requires professional personnel to maintain a solid customer base and continues with solid growth as the company expands.

My long term experience as a customer service representative has taught me how to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations with exceptional personality. I have assisted a variety of customers in many different business situations. I understand how to achieve repeat business by being loyal to the customers. This gives repeated business and word of mouth advertising that is vital in the competitive marketplace.
While at Mann and Mann my customer service skills were an integral part of a fantastic marketing, professional team, whose sales reached monumental levels.

I am a team-player who possesses an outgoing, friendly personality. I am excellent in a training capacity or as a potential candidate for a management position.

It would be a pleasure to interview with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very Sincerely,

Your Signature (In Ink)

A good cover letter customer service especially, is the ability to convey personality through words on the page. This example does that by mentioning the “friendly personality”. Also, the way the applicant understands the marketplace makes this letter notable. The personalization of the cover letter for customer service gives the extra touch that can separate one candidate from the pack that gets them in the door for that first interview. By mentioning how experience at another company that directly ties into the job description requirements (Must Be Market and Sales Minded), this candidate looks readily viable for the position.
In today’s job market, finding a good job is not always easy. At least with the right cover letter and resume, a candidate can meet the employer and interview.

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