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Creative Writing Topics For KidsCreative writing topics are prompts that trigger the need to communicate personal thoughts and observations on paper and share them with others. Good creative writing topics should fire the imagination and engage the author’s creative side. English and composition teachers use creative writing topics to encourage students in practicing writing their skills in a fun and entertaining way. The best ones get the writer look to their own lives for subject matter and encourage the telling of a story. They should focus on universal human experiences and avoid assumptions of income, religion, politics and sexual orientation. The decision to reveal feelings on these topics should be left to the writer.

The best topics are general enough to allow for multiple points of view, but specific enough to point the writer in a clear direction. For example, the topic, write about a time you hid from someone, points the writer in a clear direction. The topic, write about hiding, is too broad. On the other hand, the topic, if I were George Washington I would…, points the writer in a clear direction, but outside the writer’s life experience and may require research. It is a proper report topic, but is not a good a creative writing topic.

Creative Writing Topics for Kids

When developing topics for young people, one needs to consider the life experience of the age group. What appeals to an adult may not appeal to a 16-year-old and what appeals to a 16-year-old, may not appeal to a 13-year-old. Following are examples of creative writing topics for kids. Notice they are written in a straight forward, non-patronizing style.

Creative Writing Topics for 13 – 14-years-old Kids

Write about a time you were surprised.
Write about a time you were frightened.
Write about a happy time near water.
What do you remember about your first day at school?

Creative Writing Topics for 15 – 16-years-old Kids

Write about a day your life changed.
Write a story with the opening line: His laugh broke the silence.
What is your favorite holiday memory?
Think about your favorite television show and write a story using the characters.

Topics for Creative Writing

Write a story using characters from your favorite book.
What was your most memorable kiss or near miss?
Write the story of your parents’ first date.
Write about a time you made a mistake.
Write about a place you once lived.
Create a story around an overheard conversation or statement.
Write about your first experience with death.
Write about an incident that filled you with dread.
Write about a magical person from your past.

Good Creative Writing Topics

There is a tendency to over-explain a creative writing topic like this: Write about your first encounter with death. Was it a person, animal or beloved pet? If this is too painful, write about the first time you heard of death. What did you think it meant to be dead?

A good creative writing topic does not require explanation. However, each writer is different, so it is sound practice to provide a choice between three topics. A light, medium and heavy topic on the emotional scale is a good guideline. Since it is hard to know how a person will react to a topic, a reasonable guess is the best one can do. Writing a story about characters for a favorite book allows the writer to be as emotionally truthful as they want or not at all, so it would be the light choice. The prompt about death is expected to produce charged emotions making it a heavy choice. Writing about a magical person from your past is middle of the road because it is likely to produce positive emotions, but that is not always evident.

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