Comparison and Contrast Essay Examples

One of the most common essays in American High Schools and Colleges is the comparison and contrast essay. With this type of high school or college essay, you are asked to compare and contrast two objects. Sometimes you may have to write about more than two subjects at a time. Reading some comparison and contrast essay examples can help you develop a format that best fits your topic.

When you write an essay that states the similarities and differences between two subjects, you are writing a comparison and contrast essay. There are a few things that help make a good comparison and contrast essay. Use subjects that have enough in common to be compared and contrasted. Your essay helps the reader understand the subjects that are being compared and contrasted. Be sure to have several valid points of comparison. And make sure your information follows a logical order.

Some examples of comparison and contrast topics are:

  • Hatred and Love, how are these two things represented in Hamlet?
  • Compare the various programs that are used to reduce the amount of pollution in New York and Los Angeles. Which program works the best?
  • Compare and Contrast two laundry detergents and tell which one works better.

When you are asked to compare two thoughts or ideas, you can use the following questions to keep yourself on track: What are the ideas? How are they used? Why are they worth defending?

If you are asked to do a comparison of two books, you should carefully evaluate all of the facts of each book. The physical characteristics of the main characters are not as important as their psychological similarities and differences. Be sure to include a comparison of the plot in order to show how the writer researches and investigates any problems or situations.

The comparison and contrast essay is a very specific type of essay. This is why it may be different to write this kind of essay than any other types. There are several methods you can use to organize your information.

  • List by list – in this format you will use one body paragraph to describe each subject, and use the last body paragraph to do your comparison.
  • Point by point – rather than describing one subject at a time, you will compare one similarity or difference per paragraph.

There is no “single” format that needs to be followed when it comes to writing this kind of essay. It is advised that you read through several comparisons and contrast essay examples to get a good feel for what you will be writing. Good examples of these types of essays will give you something to compare your essay to, and make sure that you have accomplished the task of writing a compelling essay.