Community Colleges in New York

Borough of Manhattan Community College

They offer accounting, business management, computer information systems, health information systems, health information technology and multimedia programming and design. They also offer nursing, office automation, office operations, paramedic, small business, and entrepreneurship programs, video arts, and technology. In addition, they also offer associate in arts degree in bilingual childhood education, business administration, childhood education, criminal justice, liberal arts and writing and literature program. They also have associate in science degree program, like computer science, engineering science, human services, mathematics program, and science for forensic science. For more information, visit

Houston Community College

They offer career and technical education programs like agriculture, food and natural resources programs like horticulture technology, and veterinary paramedic program. Then hospitality and tourism program like, culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, hotel and restaurant management, travel and tourism courses. Next is the architecture and construction program like, construction technology, heating, AC, and refrigeration program, and industrial electricity. In addition, they also have human services and social sciences like cosmetology and barbering, human service technology, sign language interpretation and translation. Moreover, they offer also information technology, business, manufacturing machining technology, education and school program, government and public service program like criminal justice, law enforcement, and police science. Then lastly, they offer health and medical science, transportation, distribution and logistics program. For more information, visit

Metropolitan College of New York

They are located in 431 Canal Street New York, NY. They offer associate of arts in human services, Bachelor of Arts in American urban studies, bachelor of professional studies in human services, associate of science in business, and bachelor of business administration. In addition, they also offer graduate program like, Master of Science in childhood education, Master of Science in secondary mathematics, BBA in health systems management, MBA in media management, MBA in financial service, MBA in general management, MPA in public affairs and administration, and MPA in emergency and disaster management. For more information, visit or call 212-343-1234.

LaGuardia Community College

They offer accounting, business administration, business management, computer operations like computer network administration and security. Then computer science, computer technology, paralegal studies, and programming. In addition, they also offer travel, tourism, and hospitality management. For more information, visit

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