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TIP! Take a bottle of water with you to class. You need to be hydrated all day.

No matter where you live or which college you go to, attending college is a great time in life. It is a time of learning, discovery and broadened horizons. Make the most of this chapter in your life with these tips.

TIP! Do not be unrealistic with your goals when you schedule your classes and work. If you’re a night person, you will never succeed in attending early morning classes.

What do you need to bring to college? Part of being college ready is the ability to handle your own problems, instead of expecting your parents to bail you out all the time. This is beneficial if you are traveling a long distance to your college.

TIP! Remember to keep eating healthy. There’s nothing fun about the freshman 15! Make sure to eat healthy.

The surrounding environment is critical in determining your propensity to study effectively. A dorm room is probably not the greatest study environment. Find a place to study that is quiet. Usually, the best choice is the library. Get some noise-cancelling headphones if you need to.

Admissions Office

TIP! Visit your campus gym often, no matter your gender. Not only will you get into a good workout routine, but you can meet like-minded people this way.

Find out where the admissions office is located and visit it before choosing a college. This will give you the opportunity to search out scholarship opportunities. Many colleges offer scholarships for their students. Talk directly to the admissions office if you can. They should know everything about the various scholarship programs the school has.

TIP! Make an effort to personally meet each of your professors at the start of the term. Learn how they can be contacted, their office location, and what their office hours are.

If you’re taking exams, don’t skip breakfast. Even just a container of yogurt or piece of fruit is beneficial. Your stomach can be a huge distraction when you are trying to take a test. Having a growling stomach or limited energy can certainly have negative effects on your scores, and therefore you ought to have at least a small bite to eat in advance.

TIP! Pay off any debt in full each month. This prevents several penalties and late fees.

Ride the bus to campus. Taking a bus to school probably won’t take much longer than driving your car. You also save time from not having to search for somewhere on campus to park. You also won’t have to pay for gas or parking passes. You will also be able to be more “green” this way.

TIP! There is no one to wash your clothes and feed you anymore. You should always eat right and get enough rest.

Buy textbooks used. Text books can get very expensive. If you’re paying a lot for college already, you might want to save money when you can. There are many great sources for acquiring used books on the Internet, in bookstores and through other students on campus. Choosing used books can save you quite a bit.

TIP! Buy textbooks secondhand. Textbooks are not cheap and can cost several hundred dollars.

If you have to get a job in college, visit the career office at your school Your college’s job center can find you jobs before graduation and after graduation also.

TIP! Know the number to campus security. All universities have programs and resources in place to keep students safe, so familiarize yourself with the best methods to reach the police or security office.

Enroll in many different elective classes. The more you study, you will be more aware of what you’re passionate about. Your first year of college is the time to experiment.

TIP! Take notes in addition to listening to lectures. Note writing can help you solidify information you hear.

Make sure to avoid plagiarism. It’s likely that you’re going to write numerous papers during your college years. Learn proper citation practices and put them to use. Never underestimate your professors’ ability to spot someone else’s words or work.

TIP! You should always register for your classes as soon as you possibly can. Classes can fill up faster than you think, and you may miss out and be forced to wait another semester to get the ones you need.

Attend orientation to make some early friends. People often go to college in a new area and experience loneliness due to a lack of familiar faces. The quicker you begin to make friends, the sooner you will feel like you belong.

TIP! Spend lots of time in the college library. These libraries contain everything you need to be successful in your classes.

Don’t be afraid to switch schools, after a trial year if the school or program you have chosen is not suitable to you. Many college students feel homesick, awkward or like this whole thing was a mistake when they first get to college because it is an entirely different environment than they’re used to. After a year, if the school still does not appeal to you, it is time to contemplate your next move.

TIP! Know what constitutes plagiarism. You will probably write many papers in the course of your college experience.

If you are staying in a dorm on campus, pack lightly. Dorm rooms are small and any extra room will make your living space more comfortable. Create a list filled with basics, and when you go shopping stick to those. Think about purchasing items that can double as storage options.

TIP! Make sure you attend orientation activities in order to make new friends. You may feel alone when you move to a new area for college.

Age or location are unimportant when it is time to head to school. Nothing can compare to the college experience. No matter what you are going to go to school for, keep reading to find out some great tips. Test these tips and you will be one step closer to creating a healthy and happy life as a student.

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