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The college personal statement is part of the application process for college and is an opportunity for you, the student, to sell yourself—your goals, ambitions and ideas for the future. There are two categories of a college personal statement: the response to specific questions or the general, comprehensive personal statement. In addition, there are certain ideas to think about before you begin to write such as:

 What is unique about your life?
 Who has helped shape your life?
 What inspired you to enter the field you’re entering?
 What are your career goals?
 What personal characteristics/talents do you have for this profession?

Then, as you begin to write be sure to answer the questions that are asked in the application. Next, tell your story. Make your story interesting, unique and different. You want to catch their attention and as you write you want your story to be remembered—to stand out. Also, be clear and specific on what you’re writing. You want to be able to substantiate what you’re writing. You want to be able to state clearly why you want to be in the specific field that you’ve chosen. Make sure, also, that your beginning paragraph grabs their attention. As you continue to write, be as clear as possible about why you want to enter the field you have chosen. Use the knowledge you already have about your selection and how learning more will enable you to excel. Do some research that will enhance your article and always—always check your punctuation and grammar so that your essay is easy to read.

College Personal Statement Examples

Here is a sample personal statement for college for one interested in Social Work:

“‘You’re seeing the glass as half-empty again’ my dad would invariably say to me as soon as I would launch into one of my frequent tirades about some new social injustice I had just discovered in my high school World Issues class. ‘Don’t forget to look at the other side of the equation’, he would admonish me.

Even now as I look back at one of those discussions that occurred just six months ago, I realize how my thinking has changed. I think I’m starting to see the big picture more than I used to. I’m starting to realize that many issues are very easy to react to at the basic gut level, but when one looks at them more carefully the picture is frequently much more complex and the ‘right’ answer is not always so cut-and-dried anymore.

Mind you, this doesn’t apply to everything. Some things are just plain wrong. War for example. Both sides may have a legitimate case but murdering each other’s citizens can never be justified. Sexual abuse of children is another. This is sick and inexcusable under any circumstances. Essentially, I believe that all forms of violence against the human race are fundamentally wrong.”

The above personal statement for college is good because it tells a story, is clear, the beginning paragraph grabs the reader’s attention, stands out from the others and is well written.. Personal statement examples for college can be seen online and at your local library.

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