College Personal Statement Essay Examples

The college personal statement is your chance to show the college or scholarship program exactly who you are. There are generally two categories of statements; the general statement, and the responsive statement. Here both college personal statement examples are given for you to review.

General Statement

This type of statement gives you the freedom to write about anything you want. But it must be about a personal experience that you have had. Here is an example:

My sister and I were raised by my father and my step-mother. Unfortunately in today’s society children tend to grow up in single parent households, whether due to a divorce, or possibly even a death of a parent. These children face a lot of obstacles compared to children that are raised by both parents. And it can be rather difficult at times. I know when I was growing up; I had quite a few questions for my dad that he really didn’t want to answer at the time. Mainly because he thought I was not ready to hear the answers, or maybe he just wanted to spare my feelings at such a young age. But as a child I did not understand why he was avoiding the topic. Having this experience has led me to my career choice and my goal in life; I want to be a counselor for children that are living in a single parent household. I want to be able to help the parents in their decision to talk to the children about their circumstances, and how things ended up the way they did.

This is just the introduction to the personal statement. But as you can see, it has taken something that has directly happened to the writer and used it to show why they chose their career path.

Responsive Statement

The responsive statement is generally used for business or graduate school applications. A specific question is asked and you must answer that question within your essay or your application will be rejected. Some business colleges will have three questions in which you must write multiple essays in order to answer each question that is asked.

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