College Application Essay Examples

Gaining admittance to the college of your dreams has become harder, there are more students applying for college now more than ever. So the admissions officers have a lot more essays to sort through, and a harder time choosing the best applicants. So you want your essay to stand out the most. Below you will find college application essay examples and samples.

Compare and Contrast

For come college application essay questions, this structure is a common choice. You can construct a cause and effect essay point for point, by comparing one object or subject at a time. Here is a sample of this type of essay:

The sun’s glare coming off the water caused me to squint my eyes even more. Spray came over the side and blocked my vision as it pelted me like little pebbles. The salty water irritated my eyes, but I am only starting to practice for the day. The regatta is just four days away, and I must get better acquainted with the boat.

While skimming across the waves, the boat senses my every movement. With only the rear of the boat in the water, I feel like I am flying, but trying to concentrate on positioning my weight so to get the most speed. I shuffle my foot to the side and the boat rounds up to catch the wind, but I fight off this motion with the help of the helm and regain my course.


This is very similar to a chronological structure. But with this you will be sequencing your events and not going step by step through time. The biggest things you will cover in this type of essay are the person, the place, and the thing. Here is an example, the question being asked is:

If someone were to look through your bedroom, what would they think about you?

A teenager’s room in certain aspects, but in many ways, my room is just an expression of my personality and interests. When entering my room, one will notice that I do not have posters, pictures, or unusual painting on the walls. I prefer the clean and clutter free look of the walls, which provides an odd sense of calm. However, my room is far from being in complete order, my bed remains unmade and the clothes from yesterday are lying on the floor. The visitor may think my room is clean compared to other teenager’s rooms, but it is far from spotless.

These have been just a two college application essay examples. Use these samples to help you get an idea of which direction to take your writing.