Citation Examples

A citation is just a means to document an article, book, or whichever source of information taken at some stage in research. A record of citations produces the bibliography or works cited records at the last part of your research job. Citations hold fundamental evidence concerning the source you refer. In most cases it contains the following title, author, year of publication, publisher and format. This information is quite simple to recognize, but you then require formatting this sources into a correct citation. Citing references is methods of letting your instructor be acquainted with where you got your information. It is normal academic practice and you have to do this in every of your course works. Of the several of thousands of papers available in research journals each year, the majority include records of citations, as references or footnotes published with an academic journal papers. These cited evidences are writers’ acknowledgments of their debt to the published study articles of other authors.
APA Citations

APA style citations takes into consideration to the conventions and rules recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) for listing evidences used in a research paper. APA style citations need both with in-text citations and a list of reference. For each with in-text citation there ought to be a complete citation in the list of reference and vice versa. APA style citations in-text citations are located inside sentences and paragraphs therefore it is obvious what evidence is being quoted and whose evidence is being cited. The following are APA citation examples:

Works by a single author, the last name of the author and the year of publication are inserted in the text at the appropriate point (Simon, 1945). Works by multiple authors (Leiter & Maslach, 1998).

MLA Citations

Citations MLA style is broadly applied for spotting research sources. In Citations MLA style you shortly recognize sources using parenthetical citations in the content of your article, and offer an entire description of every source in your list of citation part. Citations MLA style takes into consideration the conventions and rules made by the Modern Language Association for giving credit to sources used in a research articles.

The following are mla citation examples and list of references, for one author:

Brinkley, Alan. The Unfinished Nation. New York: Knopf, 1993. For two or more authors Rowe, Richard, and Larry Jeffus. The Essential Welder: Gas Metal Arc Welding Classroom Manual. Albany: Delmar, 2000.

Chicago Style Citations

Chicago style citations present 2 fundamental documentation systems the first one is notes and bibliography and the second one is author-date. Selecting between the 2 regularly relies on the subject matter and the nature of sources cited, as every system is privileged by diverse groups of intellectuals.

Chicago style citations delineate 2 separate citation styles, these are humanities style that follows: Notes/bibliography styles, evidences are cited using endnotes (or footnotes) and a bibliography. Author/date style, evidences are cited using parenthetical author/date references in a reference list and the text.