Analogy Examples

Analogy examples help people come up with their own analogies quicker. Our examples of analogies in this category will show similarities between two things or objects. These objects are usually unalike and thus this comparison helps the audience relate.

Analogy Definition

A basic definition of analogy is the comparison between two objects, ideas or concepts. In language an analogy can often be easily spotted as it utilizes either “like” or “as to” in the phrase. For example, “this meat tastes like chicken”, wherein the taste of the unknown meat is being compared to the taste of […]

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Millers Analogy Test

Miller Analogies Test or MAT is a standardized test conducted mainly for graduate school admissions in the United States. The MAT contains 120 questions to be tackled in 60 minutes. An analogy test may also be included as part of many standard tests used in entry level positions in many industries and lower education schools. […]

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Analogy Games

Kids learn best by examples through things that they can relate to easily. Analogies for kids compare and liken things for them to understand easily. This is in language or description of parts of the body and objects. This is in language development, to help them figure out how things relate to each other. They […]

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False Analogy Examples

When students are in school, they learn the term analogy. An analogy definition is an English term used to describe the relation between two different things. Analogies are seen on tests such as the SAT. They are seen as two words with a relationship between them, and another word with a blank. The student is […]

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GRE Analogy Practice

GRE Analogy tests are to see your ability to recognize the relationship between a pair of words and the parallel relationships of the two words. To answer a gre analogy question, you must know the how the two first words fit together and then select a matching word for the single word that has the […]

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Faulty Analogy Examples

Analogy refers to the study of similarity between two objects, phenomenon or things that are otherwise dissimilar. It is a comparison that is made and based on the likeness, equivalence, and similarities between two statements. More appropriately, the definition of analogy states that, it’s a logical conclusion which is based on the assumption that if […]

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