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good blog topicsA blog is a website that is updated on a regular basis. The writer or owner of a blog usually posts about various subjects. The subjects the writer addresses are known as blog topics. They can be anything from opinions to reviews to product information. Some people have journal type blogs on which they update the happenings of their daily life. Topics on a journal type blog are always changing as the writer’s life goes through different twists and turns. A news blog would contain information about current events, weather, and politics. A health blog would cover different illnesses, treatments, and self help.

Topics vary from blog to blog. They should remain consistent with the overall theme of the blog, but still remain fresh as to keep the readers excited. Blog topics are what make a particular page more popular than another. They have to be either good, popular, or interesting in order for people to read them. They have to be somehow entertaining to retain readers. The internet is saturated with blogs. If a person does not find a page with compelling topics, he will just move on to the next blog with a similar theme.

Good Blog Topics

Good blog topics are topics that have not been covered a million times over. They are unique topics that people will gravitate to because there is so little information available. Some examples of good blog topics are: “How to Get Rid of White Car Driver Anxiety”, “How to Make Peanut Butter and Spinach Cookies”, and “Fashion Secrets for people with heterochromia.” There will be people who will research these topics. There are individuals who are afraid to drive white cars. There are people who love peanut butter spinach cookies. However, these topics are not covered frequently, so they would generate traffic because of the scarcity.

Popular Blog Topics

Popular blog topics appeal to the readers because everyone is blogging about them. Readers love to review blogs written by various people, so they can get a different spin on the situation. Popular blog topics may be celebrity news, new product releases, or a current court trial. An example of a popular blog title was the Casey Anthony trial. Another example of a popular topic was the death of Steve Jobs. These topics brought in swarms of readers because those readers wanted to collect information about the situations. By reading various blogs, they were able to gather more information.

Interesting Blog Topics

Interesting blog topics are topics that peak the curiosity of the readers. They are usually gossip topics about dramatic celebrity arrests and breakups. Sometimes they are about alien invasions, quadruple rainbows, and other scientific things. Charlie Sheen’s battle with producer Chuck Lorre was an interesting topic. Readers were compelled to follow this topic because they wanted to know what was said and what the consequences were.

Blog posts that instruct a person on how to do something are also interesting. They attract readers who want to know how to perform a certain task. “How to” instructions make very interesting blog topics.

What makes all of the previously stated types of blog topics good is that they can create a buzz. Readers will forward these posts to their friends and family. Those people will tell their friends and associates. That is why choosing the correct topics is important for a successful weblog.

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