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Biology Research paper TopicsBiology topics are categories within the field of Biology. Since Biology is such a large field of study, it’s useful to narrow down what you’re going to be talking about within a paper by narrowing the scope into a topic. Biology is the study of life. this can be a study of how life started int he first place, how it developed into its current forms, how cells work, and so on. Biology studies very large organisms like whales, or very tiny organisms such as microbiotic life like amoebas. Anything that falls under the heading of something that is alive can be discussed in biology. This means that the scope of a topic can be something very specific down to the particular functioning of a small structure within a cell, or something as large in scope as the evolution of creatures through millions of years of the earth’s long history.

Biology Research Paper Topics

An example of a biology paper topic might be “The Evolution of the Butterfly” where you’d discuss where it started, where the origins of butterflies are, including which insects or multiple insects they came from, and the current scientific knowledge about how those insects changed, the various different steps of creatures in between the proto-butterfly and the modern version.

Other Biology Research topics – Other examples of Research topics might include “The Effects of influenza” where the paper concerns how the Influence malady was treated and dealt with throughout its history, or “The Plesiosaurus,” where the paper studies this particular long-necked dinosaur that lived in the sea hundreds of millions of years ago.

More Biology Research paper Topics- Other topics might include, “The Domestication of Caninis Familiaris” which is also known as the common dog. Dogs came from wolves, and the evolution of them into the modern dog came about due to domestication, which is a process of biology that takes a long time and can be studied and counted as one of the many interesting biology topics. Another biology topic might be “The Domestication of the Cat,” which also took a long period of time, but had a different rout altogether from the one that dogs took, and happened for different reasons. For example, the dog was often used more as a direct hunting companion from bringing home meat, whereas the cat had more domestic chores such as keeping vermin away from the house hold.

Biology research paper topics such as the ones listed are good because they are specific, they don’t just take an entire category like “Evolution” or “Virology,” since it would be much too hard to focus this into a particular paper. the topics are specific and focused on a particular animal or phenomenon in biological history, which will allow the researcher to further break them up into additional categories such as, for example, the different stages of dog domestication starting back when they were much closer to wolves than now, and coming forward in time in stages to show how the progression happened.

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