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Youth Bible study topicsBible study topics are and should be pulled from the Bible as this is the book to go to for every issue people face regardless of how big or how small or what the topic is you should be able to find a passage on it and an answer even if it is one you don’t want to hear or quite understand this is the place to go. These topics can range from raising children to financial situations. From being single to being married. Dealing with health issues and other diseases such as alcohol abuse and drug addictions. The list goes on and on and on but if a topic is selected and you study the bible then you will know exactly where to go to get the help you need and or the materials needed to share amongst others in a group setting or one on one lesson.

Let us start with the vast majority of bible study topics:

Women s bible study topics:
*Raising children
*Being single and finding a man
*Marriage and dealing with conflicts and infidelity
*Growing old
*Health issues

Youth bible study topics:
*Peer pressure
*Alcohol and drug use
*Finishing school

Bible study topics for adults:
*Employment (loss of or in need of a better job)
*Commitment to the church
*Challenges at work
*Getting older
*Money (wants verses needs)

There are many people in this world who feel alone and as if there is no one they can talk to so quite often they may go to bible study and hope to hear the word to get them through. Topics that I find that are extremely important are those marriage, raising children, peer pressure, adultery, and finances. Think about the news and what you hear the most about: suicide because of peer pressure, children being abused, and infidelity – who cheated on who and who got caught in a love scandal, finances/money – today’s economy is no joke and we need to preach quite often on finances and how to stay afloat. While all of the other topics are important I think these rank high and should be discussed in depth when the opportunity is there.

Take infidelity as a bible study topic example. The bible says one shall not commit adultery but yet the temptation is there and it is believed to be even stronger when you are in a marriage and striving to do the right thing. Because of the world and the many forces in it you will always find and see another better looking woman or man that the one you are married to. You tend to smile and hopefully keep it moving but what happens when you work with these people and you are around them more than you are your spouse? This is where studying the word and hearing the word preached often comes into play and can make a tremendous difference in your life. No one is perfect but if you have the word in you it is easier for you to smile and keep going. If you lack knowledge, you lack the word and the spirit of, and then flesh will win every time.

Money seems to be an issue for many these days. About 50% lack it and is in desperate need of it just for survival purposes, about 20% have more than what they need and use it recklessly and then another 20% uses it wisely and do their fair share in the community and last but not least there is the 10% for those for whatever reason just don’t have anything and are living on the streets. When they say money is the root of all evilness do you know what that really means? It is not having the money itself but the love of money is the root of evilness. When you love your money more than that of loving people and yourself then this is a bible study class you don’t want to miss.

The issues can go on and on and on but the one thing to remember is that the Bible is the place to go and if you study daily it will come easier to understand.

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