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best resume writing servicesWhat to look for in resume writing services?

When the competition for jobs is high, you need to be able to stand out in order to have an advantage over a countless number of job seekers. Professional resumewriting services can help to give you that edge. Knowing what to look for will save you from wasting your money.
Qualifications To Look For With Resume Writing Services

1. Ask For Certification – A certification lets you know that your writer is knowledgeable in resume writing. This gives you the assurance that they have at least a minimum standard of knowledge in resume writing.

2. Available Writing Samples – Writing samples are a great way to view the past work of your resume writer. This also gives you a sneak peak into what your resume will look like when finished.

What The Best Resume Services Will Offer?

1. Interview With A Questionaire – Never go with a company that only offers you a questionaire. The best resume writing services will make you fill out a questionaire, and will also do some type of interview. This helps them get to know you better, which makes it easier for them to create a professional looking resume.

2. You Get What You Pay For – The best resume writers are not going to be charging $40-$60 a resume. Entry level resumes will typically cost $150-$250. Mid level will typically cost $250-$350, and Executive level resume will cost anywhere from $350-$1000. Again, the rule of thumb is you get what you pay for.

3. Quality Service Guarantee – The best resume writing services will stand behind their resumes. They will offer you a guarantee if you do not recieve any job interviews. They are confident that because their resume writing services are so good, they will not have to resort to the guarantee very often.

Resume Writing Services Reviews

1. Review – offers a 60 day guarantee where if you still have not had any job interviews they will rewrite your resume at no further cost. Working with an elite team of writers, you’re assigned a writer who best fits your job background history. With a 99.98% success rate, this company recieves 5 out of 5 stars.

2. Review – A very well known resume writing company. has a belongs to the Better Business Bureau(Given an A-), meaning that it is a reputable company. There is also a 24 hour rush option which is available upon request. This company recieves 4 out of 5 stars. Here’s why it’s 4 stars instead of 5: with this company it’s important that you ask for a phone interview. While this company will gladly give you an interview, if you don’t ask for one you won’t recieve one.

3. Review – While their price is low and certainly unique ($89.95 for all levels of experience), it is important to remember that you get the quality level that you pay for. The company used to belong to the Better Business Bureau (Given an A initially) the company’s quality has dropped significantly to the point the Better Business Bureau revoked their accreditation and given them an F. This company recieves 1 out 5 stars.

Look For Professional Resume Writing Services

The best idea is to look for professional resume writing services. While they charge more you will not be upset with your results. It’s money well spent. A resume is important and will mean the difference between being given an interview and staying unemployed. If you like unemployment then write the resume yourself.

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