Adult Scholarships

Scholarships for AdultsWhen adults return to school it is typically to further the career that they are in, or to change careers all together.  Going back to school can be extremely difficult for adults, especially if they have a family to support and bills to pay while they are attending school.  Because of this trend that causes it to be very difficult for adults to be able to afford to go back to school, there are a large number of adult scholarships available for adults who are returning to school for additional education.  Surprisingly, there are many adult education scholarships that are for unusually high amounts of money.  Some of the scholarships for adults returning to college are for amounts that are high enough to pay for a full four years of college tuition.  So if you are an adult who is planning to go back to school to get another degree or to build on the degree you already have, make sure you look for the scholarships for adults that are available.

Adult Scholarships Based On Need

While there are a large number of adult scholarships that you can apply for, there are some that are only awarded to applicants that show a significant amount of need for the additional financial assistance that a scholarship provides.  One of these types of adult scholarships is the Adult Student in Scholastic Transition Scholarship, which is also known as the ASIST Scholarship.  This adult scholarship is limited to adult individuals who are facing challenges that are social, physical or economical and are trying to improve their situation by improving their education.

Adult Scholarships That Do Not Consider Need

There are other adult scholarships that do not place those in the direst need of the assistance at the forefront, but judge who will receive assistance in other ways.  One of these types of adult scholarships is the Russ Griffith Memorial Scholarship which was formerly known as the Returning Student Scholarship.  This scholarship offers up to two thousand dollars to eligible adult applicants who are returning to school.  Another of the adult scholarships that do not consider the applicants financial need is the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Program.  This program offers up to thirty thousand dollars in adult scholarships per year to adults who are returning to school.

Other Adult Scholarships To Look Into

Adult scholarships are everywhere and there is a large variety of adult scholarships to choose from.  You could pursue adult scholarships like the Talbot’s Women’s Scholarship which awards anywhere from one to ten thousand dollars in scholarships every year.  Another example of adult scholarships that could be of help to you is the Dr. Angela Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund which awards between two thousand and five thousand dollars per year to adults who are returning to school.

There are many more adult scholarships to choose from and some of them may be easier for you to get than others due to different prerequisites to be able to apply for them.  When you are an adult returning to school, the assistance of adult scholarships can really offset the expenses that come with your additional education.  Make sure you look for as many adult scholarships as you can to help you with your tuition and other school related expenses.