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Adapt your resume to suit the position; do not send your well-crafted customer service manager resume in response to an accounting manager position. Your accounting resume should be specific enough to garner the interest of the human resources staff or their resume extraction software; yet generic enough as to not be rewritten for each job posting. Good accounting resume examples will include select keywords most often included in accounting position postings.

A quality resume tells the reader what they want to know, does it succinctly and fluidly, and in a manner that the human eye will quickly identify. For the purposes of the following accounting resume samples we are going to address the combination resume. The following format will be assumed; NAPE, MOE, RES. NAPE: name, address, phone, email, and header no more than four lines. MOE: mission statement, overall highlights, and employment history. RES: references, education, and skills/certifications. NAPE and MOE will consume 66 percent of the page; the bottom third will contain RES.

Good Accounting Resume Samples

Example A
“Mission Statement: To contribute extensive knowledge of GAAP, income and expense projections, and non-profit compliance experience to the position of Accounting Manager. My specific areas of expertise include emphasis on fund accounting and cost analysis.”Example B
“Personal Career Objective: Obtain full-time employment as a Staff Accountant extending my experiences and education to support my CPA certification; interests and experiences include managing a staff of four accounting clerks, coordinating month-end close, and functioning as financial liaison for multiple department managers.”Example C
“Professional Experience:
Core Qualifications

o Asset and Inventory Management
o Budget and Cash Flow Preparation
o Capital Acquisitions
o Non Profit Association Administrator
o Staff Accountant
o Tax Preparation
o Fleet Management
o Fundraising
o Grant Proposal and Administration
o Nonprofit Management”

Example D
“As a staff accountant my responsibilities have included capital acquisitions and cash flow analysis, with a special concentration cost accounting and inventory control. I have managed over $50M in assets and reduced manufacturing and fleet costs by 17.4%. Most recently I have administered several grants from proposal to funding in excess of $7.9M.”

Example E
“My previous experience as an accounting supervisor has prepared me to take the next step in my career as an accounting manager. I supervised a staff of six accounting accounts payable and receivable clerks, was responsible for monthly income and expense reconciliation, and prepared draft journal entries for review. I supervised a two cycle payable group processing 2,300 checks per month, and had sign-off authority up to $7,000. Together with my accounts receivable staff we reduced past due accounts by 97% in less than six months.

The mission statement or personal career objective is full page cover letter condensed to a 30-50 word statement. Examples A and B are direct while remaining fluid. Often this is the only part which will be read in the first round of eliminations; grab the reader’s attention, entice them to want to know more.

Examples C, D and E are all acceptable however; C is simply a list and does not state any accomplishments. Rules of grammar indicate % should be percent, your resume is slightly technical in nature, and therefore the use of the symbol in a short paragraph will seize the reader’s interest. The use of numbers will catch the eye of anyone scanning the page; slowing them down to take a second look.

A second look is the goal of a good accounting resume and the only opportunity for you to outshine the competition; winning an interview.

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