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An academic resume is in some ways similar to a regular resume for employment. The major difference is that it is formatted specifically to the standards of the world of education, and is most frequently used when applying for a scholarship. Academia is its own world, and the things professors and grant funds are most interested in is the current school being attended and general GPA. Employment history is important, like in any resume, but no less attention should be spent on listing distinctions and extracurricular involvement. A person who is proactive in college life will receive more attention and will seem like an achiever.

It is not the same thing as a resume for employment. It is more important to focus on professors and coaches as contacts. More time should be dedicated to mentioning college activities than employment, although work history is also important. An academic resume will be used to request scholarships, gain admittance to selective classes, or even obtain prestigious student jobs while active on campus. A person trying to gain a full-time job at a university will also apply with an academic resume. This is especially important if it is a paid position as a coach or other activity leader.

Contacts are very important as an academic resume sample. The reader will want to have authoritative people be able to vouch for your character and academic standards. Again, teachers and university employees carry more weight than fellow students, who might be biased on your behalf. Institutions offering grants do not want the embarrassment of supporting an off person who later fails. It makes the award seem less prestigious, and also looks like a waste of funds.

Academic Resume Sample

An excellent academic resume template will always have the name and contact information of the applicant at the top. This is basic in any resume, and it has the advantage of being able to quickly pull the information out of a file. A successful academic resume template will also be broken up into sections, with headers followed by information. It is a good idea to include a well-defined objective, which helps to establish that you understand precisely what you are applying for. It also proves this application is unique and not a generic fired at many institutions.

Here is a good objective: “My objective is to prove my eligibility for the distinguished Academic Fund Award. To offer evidence of high academic standards and vigorous extracurricular participation. To prove financial need and to use awarded funds for academic purposes. To maintain the highest standards of performance and moral integrity, and to represent the Fund in a positive light.”

While this academic resume sample is generic, it reflects an understanding of what the institution wants. Such academic resume examples seem a bit conformist, but it is better to seem in compliance with standards. On campus, overdone conformity seems competitive and is typical of youngsters. It is better to be conservative than offensive.

Final Things to Consider

Examples are important, but it is critical to understand your own unique selling points. Resumes are flexible in that it is possible to add other information, including financial need. Stating income is a great example, especially for a general fund. The secret is to look up many grants and compare their standards with yourself and your real needs. A person who is rich is less likely to get a grant.

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